Dance is Architecture in Motion

Be part of the choreography: design and construct in space on 20.5.

Kristin McGuire, Lincoln

Kristin McGuire’s father is an architect; when she grew up he always wished that she would become an architect, too. Kristin was instead trained in Rhythmic Sportsgymnastics and dance. As a gymnast and dancer she was concerned with the shape, the stability and the duration of her standing split while her father was sitting in his office working with exactly the same parameters: he was also concerned with the shape, the stability and the longevity of his brick wall. As a dancer Kristin works with gravity, with shapes, with balance and imbalance or stability and instability, as a choreographer she designs and constructs in space, she organises kinetic events in space. Today she feels that her father’s wish became true, Kristin is an architect but her constructions are ephemeral and transitory – dance is architecture in motion. As part of her lecture Kristin will invite all listeners to “draw a choreography” onto the floor-plan of ACC gallery and ask her participants to perform their interpretation of this choreographic drawing. This lecture is also aimed at (future) architects who would like to design a "moving construction".

ACC Redaktion (26.04.2010)

Donnerstag, 20. Mai 2010, 18 Uhr, ACC Galerie
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