From Pas de Deux to Pas d’Espace

What does it mean to be “cornered“? Participate on 19.5.

Kristin McGuire, Lincoln

Kristin McGuire describes herself as dancer, choreographer and dance lecturer interested in anything but dance. Her interest in performance has been shifting away from traditional empty stages for dance to sites and everything else it needs in order to make it come to life. Kristin’s work ranges from performances for exclusive shop windows in London, royal train carriages and privately owned rivers to MDF-boxes and dirty staircases in the English countryside. As a dancer Kristin can partner a staircase by casting the angles of her body into the corners of its steps and call it a Pas d’Espace: The Pas de Deux (French, “step/dance together”) is the term for codified partner work in classical ballet. The Pas d’Espace (French, “step/dance with space”) could be her new term for partner work between body and architecture in site-specific performance? As part of her lecture Kristin will invite all participants to create a miniature performance for one of the many corners at ACC Gallery in order to explore what it means to be “cornered”.

ACC Redaktion (26.04.2010)

Mittwoch, 19. Mai 2010, 18 Uhr, ACC Galerie
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