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Mode Matinee

Morgendliche Vorträge und Workshops werfen einen Blick auf Geschichte und Theorie der Mode, aber auch auf die alltäglichen Seiten des Modegeschäfts. Die Matineen schauen aber nicht nur zurück. Wichtig ist doch die Frage: Was ziehe ich morgen an?

Das Theater der Mode

Von der Modepuppe zum Modeportal. Ein historischer Streifzug am 13.12.

Ann-Kathrin Rudorf, Berlin

The Défilé makes a designer’s heart beat faster. In this sort of fashion show, he presents months of work. He who presents himself well wins press, merchants and customers and as a result a prosperous future, at least for the coming months. This is a breathtaking moment, not just for the designer. For more than a century, the fashion show has delighted everyone interested in fashion, staging and scenography. In these events the idea of textile design comes to life and forms a symbiosis of body, light, music and performance – an exciting event. With her lecture Ann-Kathrin Rudorf invites us to a personal stroll through the fashion world between design and art. She will talk about the art of presentation, starting with the invention of fashion dolls in the 14th century continuing with the invention of Haute Couture and ending in the 21st century with fashion shows that use chroma-key techniques to project moving images onto the garments. Additionally we will watch and discuss a selection of fashion clips.
Vortrag in englischer Sprache.

ACC Redaktion (30.10.2013)

Freitag, 13. Dezember 2013, 10:00 Uhr,
Eintritt: 3 € / erm.: 2 € / Tafelpass: 1 €