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Return International Art Festival — Die Gewinner-Filme / Teil 1

Filmabend im ACC

Mi., 16.03.2022, 20:00
Eintritt: 3 € / erm.: 2 € / Tafelpass: 1 €

Filmstill aus: «Beautiful Remains».

Beautiful Remains, Dokumentarfilm, 14:12 min, Frankreich (2021), OmeU

Pangäa, Animationsfilm, 13:35 min, Österreich (2020)

Balkan Beasts, Dokumentarfilm, 19:15 min, Deutschland (2021), OmeU

Valenki RU, Dokumentarfilm, 30 min, Russland (2020), OmeU

Das junge Kunstfestival unter der Leitung von Mahsa Majedfallah widmet sich unter dem Stichwort Return der Rückbesinnung auf das kulturelle Erbe der verschiedenen Künste, die die Gesellschaft maßgeblich mitprägen und fester Bestandteil unseres menschlichen Zusammenlebens sind. Dabei ist der Rückblick eigentlich der Blick nach vorn: Welches Erbe hinterlassen wir in der Zukunft? Das ist die zentrale programmatische Frage des Festivals. Filme aus 80 Ländern gingen an den Start, 50 wurden im November 2021 gezeigt. An zwei gemütlichen Kinoabenden können Sie noch einmal die sieben prämierten Filmbeiträge des Festivals sehen.

Beautiful Remains, Dokumentarfilm, 14:12 min, Frankreich (2021)
«She was a very great diver, my grandmother, who tried to transmit to me her love for the sea and the ocean, for the water.
 She was free. She wanted the world and thanks to her, I perceived what she was seeing. Today she can no longer walk, can no longer speak, she hunched over her thin shoulders, and has crumbs stuck to her pullover. This is my grandmother Elephant Man. I don't remember when it happened. I go to see her once a year for her birthday on December 26th, and the rest of the time I don't even think about it.»
How to say goodbye to people we abandon, and who have given us so much? We slowly digest the archives of a past that we choose to bring back to life, immersing ourselves in an image that the person left behind

Pangäa, Animation, 13:35 min, Österreich (2020)
In the field of tension between work and private retreat, the downfall of an administrative officer is sketched who is no longer up to his changing environment and who finally succumbs to it through his own disappearance. What remains is a society without a human face in a deserted architecture... a city minus people in its poetic and cruel beauty.

Balkan Beasts, Dokumentarfilm, 19:15 min, Deutschland (2021)
A brief portrait of two underground rock bands from Kosovo and North Macedonia.

Valenki RU, Dokumentarfilm, 30 min, Russland (2020)
«Zhgony», «Matrai», «Pimokaty» — those who made felt boots in Russia called themselves differently. They communicated in their secret languages and kept their craft secret. The authors of the film overheard the secret dialects and spied the secrets of the skill of the remaining artisans, who to this day "zhgonyat" and "turyzhat" in their small «stirnyah».

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