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R u b e d o : Allow ~ Enlarge ~ Create

Radio Art Residency | Marialuisa Capurso

Mi., 17.11.2021, 19:00–20:30 Uhr

Marialuisa Capurso, Artist in residence of the Radio Art Residency Weimar talks at the ACC Galerie about her current process: Rubedo and its anti patriarchal form and intent.
How important is to make possible access to creative spaces, free of oppressive rules, structures and strategies in a society where we are all continuously asked to be productive and efficient.
Her research aims to investigate and enlarge spaces of listening, creation and sharing.
She invites guests to be part of this discussion, and share their artistic practices informed by and in dialogue with anti-patriarchal aspirations.

Panel: Marialuisa Capurso, Tita Tummilo, Leo Kay, Marianna Fumai

Marialuisa Capurso is a singer, sound artist, composer and researcher in the
field of voice, movement, body performance, visual art, improvisation and
rituality. Her work creates space for breathing, transforming and embracing
issues to sublimate them into a space of listening. She investigates and
explores the realm of acoustic sounds and electronic interfaces as extensions
of the human voice. She is furthermore very interested in the sacrality of the
connection between voice and movement.

Tita Tummillo, an artist between theater and photography, attended Massimo
Lanzetta's School of the Teatro dei Sassi and trained among others with
César Brie, Armando Punzo, Chiara Guidi, Cathy Marchand, Jean Paul
Denizon, David Brackett, Instabili Vaganti. With the company Spettaculanti she
performs in Italy, Portugal and Belgium. Her photographic works have been
exhibited in Coimbra, Brussels, Palermo, Catania, Rome. Since 2016 she is
artistic co-director of the BIG Bari International Gender Festival, a film and
performance project on issues related to identity, gender and sexual

Leo Kay is an artist/performance maker working in socially engaged live art.
His current practice: The Bakery Of Slow Ideas proposes a resistance to
hyper-productivity and hyperindividualism through creating collective spaces
to rest, digest, dialogue, make ritual, ferment vegetables and bake sourdough
bread. He is lead artist in the long term collaboration: Unfinished Business
(www.thisisunfinished.com) alongside artist/producer Anna Smith.

Marianna Fumai is a videographer, and a film editor with a special focus on
documentaries with social impact. She is also an activist involved in some
feminist movements in her hometown, Bari (Italy).
Currently she is working to Sisters, a documentary about sisterhood, and
women and non-binary people’s reproductive rights in Italy, Malta, and

The Radio Art Residency is an international fellowship programme for artistic
practice on the radio. The residency is a joint project by the Goethe-Institut
and Experimental Radio at Bauhaus-Universität Weimar in cooperation with
the University of Music Franz Liszt, Deutschlandfunk Kultur, Radio Lotte,
EIGENHEIM Weimar/Berlin and ACC Galerie Weimar.

The event takes place in compliance with the 3G Plus rule, the number of participants is limited. Please inform yourself about any last-minute changes on the day of the event.

The talk can be seen live on YouTube. Follow this link to our Youtube channel where the livestream will start. Free of charge!

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