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hhhh (“Solidarity as Radical Dependency”) | Derek MF Di Fabio

Performance — Verschoben auf Sonntag, 16.7., 19 Uhr!!!

So., 16.07.2023, 19:00–20:00 Uhr

hhhh is a performance that takes place during the viewing of the exhibition 4ll 0v3r th3 pl4c3. In the part that reflects on the ruins of capitalism, DMFDF will start a workshop on theoretical territories defined as -void- by Western thought: what are the correlations between the disappearing of the common lands and the reading of the “empty space” in the atom? How can these correlations inhabit the dichotomous separation between the individual and the other from the self? Traces will emerge into the exhibition space. It is a continuation of Derek MF Di Fabio's research that examines the intersections between practices for the abolition of the carceral system and feminist readings of quantum physics, analyzing the colony as an instrument for measuring the boundary. [a] DMFDF`s work which includes workshops, scenographies, sculptures, audio walks, and events, looks into the possibilities of bodies being present in space. It questions how knowledge is transmitted between bodies and generations, particularly looking at the power dynamics that dominate over them. The performance will be held in English.

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